UUCSR Annual Service Auction

Save the Date!!!

June 1, 2024 UUCSR

Roaring Twenties into the next decade of UUCSR in its home on Mendocino Avenue.

As we continue into our future, lets celebrate our community.

Contact: Lee Lipinski

What can you donate? Same as last year? Do it. Fill out the donation form with your information.


Vacation Home for a Weekend

Gift Certificates from your Favorite Specialty Shop

Winery Passes to the winery’s Restaurant, Tasting Room, etc.

Symphony Tickets

Museum Tickets

National AMTRAK Travel Tickets

Theme Meals (French, Greek, Thai, Veggie)

Celebration Meals (Brunch, Holidays….)

Kids Cooking Class – snacks, cookies, etc.

Adult Cooking Class – Special dishes, Veggie, comfort food

Arts and Crafts lessons

Parties (Pool, Game Night, backyard)

Lead an Adventure (Hike, Rafting, Camp out, city tour)

Soup of the Month

Dessert of the Month

Handyman/Woman Help

“How To” Workshop (Digital Camera, Video, Computer Application)

Lawn Games

Indoor Game Night

Poker Night

Knitting Classes

Original – Painting of your Pet

Acting Classes

Voice Classes

Whatever Sparks Your Imagination!