LGBTQ Outreach

A Welcoming Congregation for LGBTQIA Families & Individuals

Guided by the principles of liberal religion, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Santa Rosa (UUCSR) seeks to promote the full participation of persons in all of our activities and in the full range of human endeavors without regard to their sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, racial or ethnic origin, color, sex or gender identity, age, national origin, or religious beliefs. We do not require adherence to a particular creed or interpretation of religious belief.

As part of our commitment to that welcoming spirit, UUCSR chose to complete the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) Welcoming Congregation Program. The rainbow chalice logo symbolizes our congregation’s role as an official “Welcoming Congregation” along with our pledge to:

We display a rainbow flag, an international symbol of LGBTQ unity and diversity, proudly in our front window on Mendocino Avenue. We take joy in being able to join loving couples in marriage, regardless of sexual orientation. The UUCSR choir has been featured participants in every Sonoma County Pride interfaith worship service.

All this is in keeping with our passionate Unitarian Universalist perspective that insists upon the sacredness of love in and for all people, and our reasoning Unitarian perspective that observes that homosexuality is a natural occurrence — seen throughout history and throughout the animal kingdom — that cannot possibly be against the will of the Creative Power, howsoever defined.

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