Groups & Activities

UUCSR Groups, Activities, and Committees

We promise... getting involved with make your presence here a more rewarding and transformative experience. Within our community, some people help by: 

Depending on where your experience, talents, and interests lie, consider getting involved in one of the following areas of life at UUCSR.

Please note:  If you wish to contact a group or committee chair by phone, please call the office at (707) 568-5381 during business hours and ask for their phone number.

UUCSR governance and opportunities for service to the congregation are listed here


Our mission is to apply UU principles to actions that create positive change in the local community and in the larger world. Along with over twenty other faith groups and advocacy organizations, we are members of the North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP), and in this way, we amplify our UU principles in the public area through action.  


 Contact: Elaine Wellin

DIVERSITY WORKING GROUP of the Advocates for Social Justice

The group helps the congregation understand how racism and classism affects all of us.  It seeks ways for changing how we view and treat others through workshops, speakers and films themed on living in a multicultural world. 


The annual retreat is a great time to relax and get to know other UUCSR members, pledging friends, and their guests. Our fun planning committee meets monthly starting in January.   If you love music, games, crafts, hiking, or UU worship in the beauty of the outdoors, please join us.


Our mission is to foster community and explore ideas within the context of discussing books that are of interest to the group members. Each meeting begins with a brief personal check-in.  Members alternate as discussion leaders and the leader provides a light snack at the meeting.  At our June meeting we have a potluck and select books for the following year.  Contact: Linda Lampson


The CUUPS chapter celebrates our 7th principle and expands public awareness of Pagen values through education and celebration. Pagans follow a nature-based religion and are in tune with her cycles.  

 Dismantling White Supremacy Culture within UUCSR (DWSC) Committee

The Dismantling White Supremacy Culture Committee was formed to spearhead the ongoing work of implementing the Eighth Principle’s call to action.  As a part of this journey, the Committee invites the congregation to engage in conversation and action with the intention of dismantling white supremacy culture within ourselves and at UUCSR.  Dismantling white supremacy culture within UUCSR is an ongoing spiritual practice that cannot be fully realized without white people understanding and acknowledging its systemic roots and its continuing harmful effects on all our lives.  All are welcome to join.  For more information, contact the DWSC Committee.


Fridays, from 11 to 1. Contact Judy Hutchinson

Dungeons and Dragons at UU

Alternating Sundays, 12:00pm-3:00pm

Join us as we play Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPGs (Tabletop Roleplaying Games) the UUCSR way! This group is open to kids ages 10-18, and no experience is required! Just show up with an adventuring spirit and join us as we travel fantastic worlds, complete quests, cause some imaginary mayhem, and become renowned heroes!


2nd 4th Fridays 10-11:30. Contact Jeanie Bates or Lucia Milburn


Attention book lovers!  Join the UUCSR Library Committee!  Help keep the library a vibrant part of our UU culture.  Participate and staff the table once a month.  Get the inside track on new books as they come in!  Training is provided. 


The purpose of our meditation group is to cultivate inner peace and compassion. To join, simply attend a session: Tuesdays 9am and 11 am, and Thursdays at 5 pm. Sessions include instruction, 40 minutes of meditation followed by reading and discussions. 


There are currently five separate UU Men’s Groups.  Each group provides an opportunity for men to meet with other men and, as a group, explore men’s spirituality while offering social support in a safe and confidential atmosphere.  Independent of UU men’s group meetings, the congregation also holds periodic half-day men’s retreats in Santa Rosa and an annual two-night weekend retreat in the Spring.  These retreats are open to all men of the congregation; most of those attending are not part of a UU men’s group. For more information about men’s retreats, see the “Men’s Retreat” webpage or contact Bruce Hope. 


The entire congregation is organized into 20 neighborhood groups of around 10 to 20 people who meet periodically for fellowship and fun. Newcomers are automatically added to their appropriate groups.  


The Core Team is our connection to the North Bay Organizing Project(NBOP). Along with over twenty other local faith groups and advocacy organizations we amplify our UU principles in the public arena through action.  Meetings of the NBOP Core Team are publicized on the Focus list, newsletter and Order of Service.  Contact: Tamara Murrell


This is a support and discussion group for women congregants who are 80 and older. We meet twice per month. 


If you are truly committed to UU principles, the Saturday Breakfast Teams may be your cup of tea.  The teams provide large, healthy breakfasts for our homeless friends and anyone who walks through our doors.

This is a real labor of love and requires no special talents.  Contact John Ray


This is a small group ministry program in which groups of 8 to 10 people meet monthly and discuss assigned topics. The materials are designed to lead you to reflect on your relationship to themes such as Renewal, Listening, Healing, Stillness, and Imagination. 


All UU women are members of Women Together and are invited to join in their activities.  The goal is to foster fellowship among UUCSR women.  The activities include Elder Tales, Retreats, Movie Night, Parties, and the annual 3-day retreat at a local camp.